Friday, May 1, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance~

Today my ever so handsome, smart, funny, dedicated, and hardworking husband graduated from UVU and I couldn't be more proud! He has worked so hard for this, especially the last few years when Hudson came into our lives and we decided I would stay home so Tim worked full time at RC Willey and had a full schedule at school. Though we hardly saw each other (at least it felt that way) he always made time for Hudson and I. So today was his day and I am so so proud of everything he has done for our family!
Here is our happy grad in front of his department office.Tim decided not to walk but we went to the commencement to see President Monson speak to all the grads. He was perfect as always and gave some sage advice to Tim.This is Tim with Dr. Slack who is one of Tim's favorite professors!More of his favorite teachers who he could tell you the funniest stories about.Judy and Jonn were with us on this special day. Tim couldn't have made it this far without the help of his very supportive parents. They have watched Hudson for us so we could go on dates, helped us pay for different expenses in school, and have been there for Tim in every way. We love them so much!
I can't say it enough how proud I am of Tim and this great accomplishment. I know that it will better our family's future and although we may not know what lies ahead we are so grateful that Tim was able to get his education. Way to go babe!