Friday, August 19, 2011

Cara + Andrew

It seems like every post I have done lately or thought of doing involves us going to Utah for some reason or another. I think we have been up there every month this year! Crazy~ This trip happened to be very special as it was Cara and Andrew's wedding! The boys and I flew up the Monday before to help get ready for the big day, Tim followed on Thursday. We were so busy the whole week that it just flew by. I was able to spend much needed time with the bride to be. I have missed this little lady since we have moved and felt so out of the loop with the engagement and wedding plans that being able to help the week before was so special to me. Their reception was beautiful, (with the help of my oh so talented, creative mother) and sealing was very inspiring. Just a wonderful weekend for a wonderful couple. I know Cara and Andrew will be very happy and I am so thrilled we got to share in their special day.
The reception was held in the Mallory's immaculate back yard! Seriously this yard is so beautiful with flowers of all kinds, green green grass, an overflowing garden, and the hit of the night with the kids, a play set! Auntie Sage came up with my mom to interview for a few job interests and graced us with her presence at the reception. Can you believe this girl starts college in just a few days?
My mom had Lex laughing and playing so hard on the play set. Most of the pictures I took were blurry so these two are all I have until Cara and Andrew share their pictures.
While waiting for Cara and Andrew to come out of the temple, we kept Hudson entertained with Dinosaur Train on the Ipod. . . . Addie made him share! Best idea of the whole day!
Baby Lex had a little fall at the temple and cut his lip pretty bad. Such a cute baby and very handsome husband!
Our eternal family!
My favorite parts about weddings are being with family and friends.
Thank you Judy and Jonn for flying us there so we could spend more time
with everyone.
Thank you Mom for letting us borrow your decor and help!