Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who's Two

Lex turned 2 on Feb 13! I can't believe how fast these few years have gone by. Lex brings so much happiness and energy to our family. He is at the stage where he constantly is learning and watching what we do. Poor Hudson is getting pretty fed up with him always wanting whatever he has but Lex idolizes him so much!
His vocabulary is growing everyday. Here are just a few things he says and does that we love about baby Lex
Nice- he'll say when he knows Hudson isn't sharing.
Love you, best friend- he will yell this to Tim as he leaves for work or say it so sweetly when going to bed
Toot- when you ask him if he is poopy he'll respond with "toot"
Husen= Hudson
Banban= bandaid
Cold- if the weather changes, or we are in the cold sections at the grocery store he will notice and say "told" in a low voice with his arms folded. He will do the same thing when he is scared.
Ee-all= Cereal, he would eat it for every meal and snack if he could
The other day he came to me and said "Husen....Push. Back. Hurt"
He loves anything and everything to do with balls. He knows the difference between Bassball (basketball), bayball(baseball), and faball(football). He is always up for a game of catch.
Favorite book is Piggies
Loves to wrestle with dad
Still twists my hair or his as he falls asleep
Takes 2 hour naps
Will remind us to say prayer and folds his arms so sweetly
Takes 2 baths a day or more if he hears the shower going
Is obsessed with Trains
Can dribble and throw really well
Nightly routine consists of singing Snowman, popcorn, BoM stories, and Wise man.
Happy Birthday

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twinners ~

New's Years Eve/Day we were in Kanab. We had so much fun visiting my Uncle's Ranch, playing games with the children, and my favorite part, visiting my lovely sister! Today is her birthday! I'm so sad that I am not with her today. She is my dearest friend. We talk everyday and you'd think we would run out of things to say but never do. Good thing we have unlimited talk on our cells! We have decided that it would be best if we live by each other for the rest of our lives.
Anyway, on Sunday morning while in Kanab getting ready for church we realized that we had brought the same colors of clothes to wear. This was not planned at all, like my former years of elementary and middle school ( I always got my ideas from Stephanie, on Full house). I think my dad was a little embarrassed at church when his buddy, whom we call Wallace, mentioned that we look so much a like! We had a good laugh over it. Let's just say we are twins!
Come to think of it, in a lot of ways we are "twins". We both have fantastic Husbands, 2 wonderful children, same faith and beliefs, same color of hair, same cars, similar clothing (obviously), turquoise lovers of the stone and just about anything made with it. We even sound the same on the phone (just ask my dad, he gets confused). I could go on and on, but you get the idea. My mom has always said that having us only 14 months apart felt like raising twins. Yikes!! Even though we are hundreds of miles apart we are still very close! I love you Ashleigh and hope this day continues to be wonderful for you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day~

It's a day we spend ALL day with Daddy! Hudson frequently asks throughout the week if tomorrow is Saturday. He knows Tim is home all day and we get to play or in Hudson's world wrestle. Hudson has always been obsessed with Tim but lately Lex has caught on to how cool dad is too. Which makes me kind of sad. He even went to Tim the other day after he fell for comfort. (Tear) The weather had been gorgeous here so we have been spending our Saturdays outside as much as we can.
A few Saturday's ago we hiked South Mountain with a few of Tim's co-workers. We found it very fitting that the trail we were hiking was called Mormon Trail! Hudson was a hit with his dino shoes and impressive dino vocabulary. Seriously the kid did not stop talking to everyone. It was a beautiful morning and we have set a goal to go hiking more often.
Last Saturday we loaded up the car with bikes and the jogger to hit a trail close to our house, followed by play time at the park.