Wednesday, February 23, 2011


While in Kanab the week before Lex's birthday party I met up with Michelle Federkeil, who is a very talented and fun photographer. I am always so in awe of people who have such amazing talents as Michelle. Thank you so much Michelle for the exciting morning and creating memories of my boys. I love the stage they are in so to capture it in picture is awesome! There are a ton of pictures but I wanted to share just a few of my favorites.
This was our Valentine's picture we took for Tim. He loved it! I think he even teared up when he saw it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One year older!

Our baby Lex turned 1 on Sunday. We can't believe how fast this year went. To celebrate, all the Claybaughs met us in Kanab. Not only was it Lex's birthday but Todd's was on Saturday. At first I didn't have any plans to do anything special but the more and more I thought about everyone coming down to celebrate I knew we had to make it worth their while, especially since there would be 8 other children there. Since we would be in Kanab, a Cowboy themed party was only fitting. My mother is the queen of decorating so I picked her brain and, with a little help from google, we came up with a great party. I made gun holsters as the goody bags filled with cowboy and indian figures, play dough, rubber bands, a sheriff badge, pop gun, and bandannas. We played Pin the Badge on the Sheriff, Drop the snake in the boot, and Wild West Shoot Out. We also had a yummy cowboy supper. It was so fun to have everyone there, even Aunt Cara graced us with her presence, even if she and Papa had to leave Saturday night. I think I can say that fun was had by all.
The goody bags.
The cowboy table.
I couldn't resist getting a picture with the birthday boy, he was just too cute.
Hudson was being a helpful big brother by opening Lex's presents for him.
These three caballeros use to be the three babies...
These three amigos are the new babies.
Who could resist this little cowboy?
The birthday boy in his getup.
Sage made our "Pin the badge on the sheriff" sign within an hour before the party.
Austin and Kolby are the 2 oldest of the Claybaugh grands. They crack me up. They went outside and did this shoot out on their own!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Wish~

Look who is the big 30 today!! Happy birthday sister! You are the best. I wish I could be there to spend the day with you. I wish I could take you out for lunch, get pedis, maybe some hair did, and watch your kids for you while Josh takes you out on the town. I wish I didn't live so for away. I wish for sunshine on this February day just for you. I wish I could clean your house for you today while you take a long nap. I wish I could go shopping with you! I wish we could stay this age forever! Ash my biggest wish is for you to feel special on this day because you deserve it! I miss you so much! Thank you for being the best big sister ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Boys~ Boys~ Boys~ and more BOYS

Yes, I am surrounded by boys and I love it! Hudson and Lex get more cute, more fun, and more chatty everyday. They find new ways to keep me entertained and busy. They love to wrestle with their dad, go on long walks in the jogger, make ice cream runs, play cars, sword fight, color, play with Jesse (our neighbor), walk, eat eat eat, watch shows, dance and really do just about anything boys like to do. Tim and I were discussing what our life would be like without them and basically it would be dual or as I like to put it colorless. They bring us so much joy and fulfillment! I am loven the stage they are both in. I keep telling Hudson to stop growing because I want him to stay 3 forever. His response is "But I need to get big like you and dad so I can fly a plane then go on a mission with Juju." I'm a little jealous of Juju in this statement and the thought of him serving a mission brings tears to my eyes. Well, until then I will continue to eat them up every second I can!

Hudson loves to help us in the kitchen. He even has an apron, which he usually wears with clothes!Lex has started to fold his arms for prayer. Too cute not to captureSeriously the second Tim walks in the door the boys jump all over him! In this case Hudson wanted to do my Jillian Michael's workout one evening, random I know, and this is how they did the push ups. My cheesier!Lex found the cheerios, need I say more!Testing out their new chairs.Lex likes to help in the kitchen as well. Only he likes to take things out while I put them in!
So Hudson and Lex ...................PLEASE stop growing!!