Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Weekend Overload~

What does 1 Easter Pageant+ 3 egg hunts + 2 chatty cousins + 2 beautiful babies + 1 silly Uncle + 2 sweet Aunts + 3 wonderful days + 2 doting Grandparents add up to be? One Fantastic Weekend!
The only thing missing was Truett and Kelsi.
The pictures will explain our overload..

Lex was my little buddy while reserving seats for the Easter Pageant the night before we left for Kanab. Suzie, Glen, Eric, and Gabby joined us! Lex is my observer. He sat on that seat for a good half hour watching people pass by and the little boy playing behind us just taking it all in.
Uncle Glen brought binoculars or eenoculars as Hudson called them.
My boys love this little lady! Aunt Suzie's lap was the hot seat of the night. Lex would see how comfy Hudson looked on her and would try to squeeze his way in between them. At one point he succeeded in pushing Hudson off only to have him hit his head on the chair in front of us and cry.
Saturday morning we hurried down to the Egg hunt at the Kanab City Park only to discover all the eggs were found. Luckily a little boy took pity on our boys and gave us a few of his eggs.
Thank you Spiderman!
Lex was being silly, but what kills me in this picture is Chambs. He looks so much like my dad when he was a young boy.
Oh how I LOVE those red hills and the sexy man in the hat with a hoody on!
Saturday afternoon found us at the Cave for another egg hunt and lunch. The cave was so busy that at one point all of us were helping out! The boys love being at the Cave. They explore outside, check out the new toys, wonder through the florescent minerals, rummage through the rock display, and eventually find a treasure that they just have to have! Chambs found a horse, Hudson found a dinosaur that roars, and Lex sucked on some rocks. Yuck!

I think my dad has a picture just like this when he was a little boy!
Lunch at the bar. I bet my grandpa never thought his great grandchildren would be
eating at his bar!
Tanner Lex and baby Lex

After dinner we took a stroll down Bunting trail, because apparently the weather was the Utahns that is!

Easter morning the boys found their baskets filled with goodies. Lex found Siri's pink ball and played with it all morning. He got a blue one just like it but liked the pink one better!
I love this Little Miss!
Egg Hunt #3 had the boys all over Grandma's house.
This picture cracks me up the way Chamberlain is standing. I'm sorry Ash to post this one but it is the only one with the boys close together, but I'm not gonna lie, it cracks me up! They looked so dapper in their Easter get up! Thank you mom and dad for the great weekend. You always make being home so much fun for everyone. Once again Truett and Kelsi, you were missed~