Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is my sister Ashleigh's birthday! Happy birthday sis! I am a little sad because usually I am with her on her special day, and we usually go out to eat or shop, but, since she has been living in Kanab we are not able to be together. As I have been thinking about her these last couple of days I thought of the many things I love about her. We have been really close since college and I turn to her for everything. I love her to death and here's why!
28-She is always up for fun
27-Her laugh is contagious!
26-She is a fabulous cook!
25-She can make me laugh harder then anyone!
24-She is ubber talented in the Athletic department, (BYU/UVU Baller)
23-Right or wrong, she'll always give you the facts, (even if it is made up, study show...)
22-She teaches me how to be a good parent
21-She is Artistic-from doodling on paper to painting on a canvas
20-She is very creative-She takes after my mom!
19-She is an excellent crank caller, just ask Karly
18-She has this other personality, Maggie Tombstone, that can make anyone smile!
17-Did I mention she is gorgeous?
16-She gives comfort to anyone, especially when I'm worked up
15-She is thoughtful
14-I love to watch her dance, can you say DDR master?
13-She is always willing to try New Things
12-She can talk to anyone (as long as it's not on the phone)
11-But, she will talk on the phone with me all throughout the day, which makes me feel special!
10-She is considerate
9-She is always Happy
8-She loves her son Chamberlain so much
7-Her height is amazing, and she's proud of it
6-She is Faithful
5-As much as she likes to have fun she is very Responsible
4-She can find the best in everyone
3-She is a great driver, I never get car sick with her
2-She is beautiful inside and out
1-She is my very BEST FRIEND in the world!

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Happy Birthday Ash, I hope it is full of fun. I love you so much and can't imagine what life would be like without you. Have a fabulous day!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FlashBacks of High School

On Thursday of last week I drove down to Millard, with Hudson and a few of Sage's friends form PG, to watch her play some basketball, or baa ball as Hudson calls it. We met my Mom, Ash, and Chamberlain there. When I walked into the gym it brought back many memories of playing on the court. Sage even wears my number 20 jersey, actually it was my dads number back in the day. It was so fun to watch her play. Sage really has enjoyed playing ball and even says she likes the road trips! We loved watching her play and can't wait to see her again.
Here she is with a few team mates sporting #20!
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the the Cowboy gear! Can't go to a game without em!She's open! Way to post up Sage....... Ashleigh taught her well!Time out~ A few action shots~These next 2 pictures of Chamberlain crack me up. He is such a silly, intense, smart, loving, happy, and energetic little boy. He kissed me about 50 times and asked me over and over if I could go to his house with him. He also loves to play with Huddy buddy! We miss living near him.Now this picture really takes me back to high school when I had to be taped before every game. Tim is in a Sport Medicine class that teaches him how to tape up shoulders, wrists, and in this case ankles. He wanted to take a picture of his work and post it! Great job honey!!