Sunday, December 9, 2012

new addition~

joined our family just 3 weeks ago on November 19, at 4:06 p.m., weighing 7 lbs 1oz. Tim and I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 for my induction (as usual) by 8 I was all hooked up and put on the pit. Dr. Saunders came in around 9 to break my water and by 10:30 I had my wonderful epidural and the waiting game began. I was hoping to be in hard labor by 12 but my body just didn't think so. Dr. Saunders guest I would deliver around 5, I beat him by an hour! Miss Navy came with only 3 pushes. She screamed only for a few seconds and has been pretty calm ever since. I was so worried that something was wrong because my boys screamed for a while after entering this world. In fact Lex is still screaming! But Navy J has been so sweet. We love this little girl and think she is so precious. Hudson loves her so much and constantly wants to kiss or touch her hands, head or checks. Lex is not so infatuated with her but still likes to kiss her every once in a while. She has dark skin like the boys and my favorite part has a little bit of hair!  We are in love! I need to get more pictures off Tim's phone but for now these few of our baby girl and family of 5 will do. 
Navy's temp was a little low so she had to lay under the warm lights for a while. She didn't  fuss at all while under the lamps instead she laid out! Opened her arms and relaxed. Just like a Claybaugh at the beach!

 Let me explain the above picture. When Lex was born Hudson was really sick so he had to wear a mask to see baby Lex. Well he remembered that (seriously the kid was only 2) and did the same when he saw Navy for the first time. Silly boy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

my bff~

I love that our anniversary (6 yrs on June 10th) is so close to Father's day, I not only get to celebrate Tim as my eternal companion but also as the terrific dad that he is. Tim means the world to me! We have become so close while living so far way from our family that when we move back to Utah I might get a little jealous of everyone else who spends time with him. I love the way he interacts with our boys and they adore him. Hudson would probably like it if he stayed home all day rather then me and Lex would play catch with him all day if he could. I know where they get there obsession from....ME!
 Honey you deserved to be spoiled on this day instead of helping your pregnant wife get it together! Sorry! 
love you

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fantastic five~

Hudson turned 5 on Monday. I can't believe it! He has grown so much this year. I asked him several times if we could skip his birthday because I do NOT want him to get older.  I wish I could freeze time and keep him the way he is forever.  Hudson graduated from Preschool end of May and is ready for kindergarten. He was is speech therapy for the school year and has improved greatly. If he didn't speak in dinosaur terms you would be able to understand him much better! 
This boy is obsessed with dinosaurs. He is often found with his arms tucked back with two fingers out acting like a T-Rex. If he gets frustrated with Lex he will roar at him like a fierce predator, (Meat eaters are his favorite). Hudson has learned the ABC's in Dino terms! A- Apatasaurus, B- Brachiosaurs, C-Corythosaurus all the way to do Z- which I can't even spell or say. He taught himself this from the show Dinosaur Train. While I put Lex down for a nap he will get on to learn the alphabet.
So for his birthday you can only guess what he got as presents. Dino piggy bank, 3 books The Ultimate Dino-Pedia by National Geographic Kids, a Kid's Almanac, and Digging for Dino's, a Dino floor puzzle, a Dino Dan DVD, and a raptor t-shirt. He also got a few action figures like Spiderman and Ironman, which he has played with, but when you see the pictures you'll see the difference in excitement. He fills our life with laughter, learning, and pure happiness! He is so smart, friendly, helpful, energetic, curious, and silly.
I could eat him up! We love our Huddy buddy
enjoy a picture overload of this silly boy

Who knew Dino Dan could cause such excitement?  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

brotherly love~

Nothing makes me more happy then when my boys play well together and in this case comfort each other! Lex has a hard time going to bed sometimes and Hudson is a great big brother to lend a helping hand!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hudson's preschool class had their first field trip to the Firehouse. Hudson was over excited! He has always loved firefighters. Every time we see one in a restaurant or grocery store he runs up to them and gives them a high five or will say "Hey Guys!"  We took a tour of the inside where they relax and eat, and of course the fire trucks. I was so impressed with how kind and accommodating they were to the children.  Lex even got to tag along and thought it was pretty cool too! 
 My favorite picture is the last one. Ever since I had Lex, my thoughts have been drawn to how I should raise these 2 boys in this crazy world. As I have read the scriptures and pondered on this thought often the word STRENGTH came to mind. I want my boys to be strong, physically yes, but the strength I am talking about comes from the Lord. I want them to know that when they put their trust in the Lord and serve him they will feel happy and strong. As Paul taught " I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me."
So when I saw on the side of the truck "Serving with Strength, Honor and Compassion"  I had to take a picture so that when the boys are old enough to understand the strength that comes from firefighters they will  also think of our Savior and all he did and does to rescue us. 

Hudson's preschool is taught by Sister Hadley in our ward. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

my favorite day~

Today is my favorite day because it is Tim's birthday! Since it is Sunday we went out with some friends last night to Tim's favorite restaurant Famous Dave's to celebrate. Today has been low key with church, naps, meeting, and a nice quiet dinner followed by a movie with the boys. We love Tim so much and are glad we got to spend the whole day with just him!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best darn husband, father, and friend I know!
A few nights ago Tim took Hudson to the Jazz vs. Suns game, thanks to Kyle and Ashley! They had a blast. Hudson's favorite part was the half time show, a dog race, go figure.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

lovely, love my family~

Was Valentine"s Day really 3 weeks ago and now it's March? Seriously time needs to slow down. I am not a fan of the ipod things people have on their blogs. I usually mute them. But today I wish I had one just for this post. My favorite song from Yo Gabba Gabba is, Lovely love my Family, sung by the Roots, It is such a cute song which I would like you to hear as you read along. So you'll just have to look it up!
We had a fun Valentine's with a start of a new tradition for dinner. The boys and I woke up that morning to find a treasure hunt set up all throughout the house. Cute Husband, I know!! Once the boys found their little gifts of red shirts, angry bird tattoos, and sweets Tim had a few more clues for me, which led me to the front door all decked out in hearts! So thoughtful, I know! My treasure was a pair of inlay turquoise seashell earrings. How did he know? (thanks mom and dad). Hudson had a Valentine's party and preschool and gave a cute treat to his speech therapist. We finished the day making heart shaped pizza's for dinner (our new tradition) and pizookies for dessert. I couldn't think of a better way to spend this love day then with my 2 little boys and my Valentine!

Pictured below are The door, the boys making the pizza in their aprons, the finished product, OH and Tim also got me lovely roses! Love him/them!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who's Two

Lex turned 2 on Feb 13! I can't believe how fast these few years have gone by. Lex brings so much happiness and energy to our family. He is at the stage where he constantly is learning and watching what we do. Poor Hudson is getting pretty fed up with him always wanting whatever he has but Lex idolizes him so much!
His vocabulary is growing everyday. Here are just a few things he says and does that we love about baby Lex
Nice- he'll say when he knows Hudson isn't sharing.
Love you, best friend- he will yell this to Tim as he leaves for work or say it so sweetly when going to bed
Toot- when you ask him if he is poopy he'll respond with "toot"
Husen= Hudson
Banban= bandaid
Cold- if the weather changes, or we are in the cold sections at the grocery store he will notice and say "told" in a low voice with his arms folded. He will do the same thing when he is scared.
Ee-all= Cereal, he would eat it for every meal and snack if he could
The other day he came to me and said "Husen....Push. Back. Hurt"
He loves anything and everything to do with balls. He knows the difference between Bassball (basketball), bayball(baseball), and faball(football). He is always up for a game of catch.
Favorite book is Piggies
Loves to wrestle with dad
Still twists my hair or his as he falls asleep
Takes 2 hour naps
Will remind us to say prayer and folds his arms so sweetly
Takes 2 baths a day or more if he hears the shower going
Is obsessed with Trains
Can dribble and throw really well
Nightly routine consists of singing Snowman, popcorn, BoM stories, and Wise man.
Happy Birthday

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twinners ~

New's Years Eve/Day we were in Kanab. We had so much fun visiting my Uncle's Ranch, playing games with the children, and my favorite part, visiting my lovely sister! Today is her birthday! I'm so sad that I am not with her today. She is my dearest friend. We talk everyday and you'd think we would run out of things to say but never do. Good thing we have unlimited talk on our cells! We have decided that it would be best if we live by each other for the rest of our lives.
Anyway, on Sunday morning while in Kanab getting ready for church we realized that we had brought the same colors of clothes to wear. This was not planned at all, like my former years of elementary and middle school ( I always got my ideas from Stephanie, on Full house). I think my dad was a little embarrassed at church when his buddy, whom we call Wallace, mentioned that we look so much a like! We had a good laugh over it. Let's just say we are twins!
Come to think of it, in a lot of ways we are "twins". We both have fantastic Husbands, 2 wonderful children, same faith and beliefs, same color of hair, same cars, similar clothing (obviously), turquoise lovers of the stone and just about anything made with it. We even sound the same on the phone (just ask my dad, he gets confused). I could go on and on, but you get the idea. My mom has always said that having us only 14 months apart felt like raising twins. Yikes!! Even though we are hundreds of miles apart we are still very close! I love you Ashleigh and hope this day continues to be wonderful for you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day~

It's a day we spend ALL day with Daddy! Hudson frequently asks throughout the week if tomorrow is Saturday. He knows Tim is home all day and we get to play or in Hudson's world wrestle. Hudson has always been obsessed with Tim but lately Lex has caught on to how cool dad is too. Which makes me kind of sad. He even went to Tim the other day after he fell for comfort. (Tear) The weather had been gorgeous here so we have been spending our Saturdays outside as much as we can.
A few Saturday's ago we hiked South Mountain with a few of Tim's co-workers. We found it very fitting that the trail we were hiking was called Mormon Trail! Hudson was a hit with his dino shoes and impressive dino vocabulary. Seriously the kid did not stop talking to everyone. It was a beautiful morning and we have set a goal to go hiking more often.
Last Saturday we loaded up the car with bikes and the jogger to hit a trail close to our house, followed by play time at the park.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011~

It was a Claybaugh Christmas this year and we were so excited to get out of the heat and feel the cold again...... wait, usually that is said the other way around! We have definitely acclimated to Arizona weather. It was going to be a short and sweet trip since Tim only had a few days off so we headed for Kanab (midway) right after work on Thursday. Which worked out perfectly for us to see Ashleigh's family, who were on their way to California, to exchange gifts with them. So Thursday at 9:30p.m. we had our first taste of Christmas presents. Friday morning we arose ever so early to finish the rest of the drive to Orem, where we would freshen up and head straight to the Hale Center Theater for A Christmas Carol. This was Hudson's first time attending. He loved it! Then after the show we quickly made bean burro's and met the rest of the Claybaugh clan at Grandma and Grandpa Claybaugh's for dinner. So glad we could squeeze them in! That evening found us at the mall exchanging last minute gifts without the children, where we ran into friends and chatted longer then planned.
Saturday morning Tim and I met Kim at her lovely gym to work out real quick, then it was off to the mall and other errands before the Christmas Eve dinner and program held at the Hansen's home. Dinner was delightful and the entertainment was fantastic! On our drive back to the Claybaugh's, Tim and I felt a rush to go visit our dear friends the Bishops and Beardalls. When we got back to the house we opened our traditional Christmas Eve pjs and put the boys to bed! Santa had to finish up wrapping and stuffing stockings! Then finally we settled down for a movie. (insert breath here)
Christmas morning was wonderful! I wish Christmas day was always on a Sunday. We got up, let the boys open their stockings and then got dressed for church. Sacrament meeting was beautiful, spiritual, and just lovely. I didn't want the program to end. The messages were so insightful and brought you to the true meaning of Christmas. Once we arrived back home the boys quickly changed, and opening presents commenced. Let's just say Hudson and Lex were spoiled! We ended the day with dinner at the church where the children could try out all their new toys and we could visit with family. My parents spent the holiday up North and joined us for dinner. We loved it!
Monday Tim had to leave for home :( Seriously it was so sad for him to leave. Our time was so short with everyone but it was still worth the drive. The weekend was packed full of family and fun. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents who make the holidays so special. We miss everyone terribly and looking through these pictures we want to relive it. Here is our weekend in review

Lex went around to everyone saying "hands up" while shooting his new gun from Grandma Kanab!
Hudson and his date, Juju, for Scrooge!
I only have a few pictures of the many talents that were shared on Christmas eve. I'm still waiting for the whole thing to to come out on video....
This little lady is the sweetest thing. She sang the cutest songs for us. I could eat her up!
Indian love song on the wii. The best Just Dance song ever!
For our family skit we had papa play a few songs on the guitar while we dressed up as Arizonans. Complete with stashes for Feliz Navidad!

Hansen boys.... hmmm bop!
Sisters, Sisters.... These lovely ladies lip synced an ol' classic. I could not get over the get up. Seriously who owns those types of dresses anymore?
We made the mistake of having Hudson open up a book for one of his first presents. He immediately had papa start reading to him. When asked to open up another present Hudson responded with "No thanks" Seriously a book over toys? Where does this kid come from?
I love baby Gavin in this picture!
An original Nintendo, need I say more?
We saved the rest of the books from Santa for last! Also Hudson is the type to put on everything he gets, hence the Dino shoes and batman t-shirt!