Monday, April 30, 2012


Hudson's preschool class had their first field trip to the Firehouse. Hudson was over excited! He has always loved firefighters. Every time we see one in a restaurant or grocery store he runs up to them and gives them a high five or will say "Hey Guys!"  We took a tour of the inside where they relax and eat, and of course the fire trucks. I was so impressed with how kind and accommodating they were to the children.  Lex even got to tag along and thought it was pretty cool too! 
 My favorite picture is the last one. Ever since I had Lex, my thoughts have been drawn to how I should raise these 2 boys in this crazy world. As I have read the scriptures and pondered on this thought often the word STRENGTH came to mind. I want my boys to be strong, physically yes, but the strength I am talking about comes from the Lord. I want them to know that when they put their trust in the Lord and serve him they will feel happy and strong. As Paul taught " I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me."
So when I saw on the side of the truck "Serving with Strength, Honor and Compassion"  I had to take a picture so that when the boys are old enough to understand the strength that comes from firefighters they will  also think of our Savior and all he did and does to rescue us. 

Hudson's preschool is taught by Sister Hadley in our ward.