Thursday, July 21, 2011

Four Hudson~

While we were in St. George for the Claybaugh Family Vacation we celebrated Hudson's 4th birthday. He was so thrilled to spend it with his cousins and best buds Clay and Bailey, whom he calls Boo boo.
The only thing missing was Chamberlain.
We had a pajama party with presents, cake, and popcorn with a movie.
He loved it!
I love this picture of Hudson. His silly smile, big brown eyes,
and beautiful dark skin melt my heart.
Hudson is my big helper with Lex. He loves to have races with Lex, wrestle him, tease him, and share his toys with him! (wishful thinking) His best friend is his daddy. When Tim gets home from work he does not stop talking to him. We can hardly get him to finish his dinner because he has so much to say about his day. I asked him the other day what are some of the things he likes to do, his response "Go on a run with my dad, go to the store with my dad,and play wrestle with my dad!"
Hudson loves to learn about animals. Especially Dinosaurs! For his birthday he got a few dino books and has loved looking over the dinosaurs features. He will often pretend he is a meat eating T-Rex, or a flying Pterodactyl. Hudson also loves to watch TV or as he calls it "shows". His favorites are Dinosaur Train, Wild Krats, and Fetch. All these shows teach about animals. The best part is after he learns about a new creature he will tell me all about it! We limit his watching or seriously he would watch shows all day long.
Superheroes are the big talk around our house. He'll ask a million questions about Superman's powers, where does Batman lives and what is his real name. Or my favorite questions "Do superheroes clean up there rooms?" Big yes on that one! He will even pray for the Superheros and is often found wearing his cape where ever we go.
We love our Huddy Buddy very much. He is so smart and full of life!
Here are some other fun facts about this bodacious boy
-calls baby's slobber "Tree Sap"
-eats broccoli, or any veggie
-does not like whole fruits but
will down a fruit smoothie
-loves to play with cars
-is learning how to swim
-does not like bad guys
-has to have someone
with him all the time
-loves to dance
-loves to be read to
-has to sleep with toys
-loves primary
-likes to ride on airplanes
-loves to ride his bike
-is a pro at Candyland, wins every time
-is so sweet
-very curious about life
-favorite color is blue
-favorite animal... T-Rex
-loves to be with our family

Happy birthday to Hudson.
(even though it was a month ago..oops)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My cousin Eric is starting the next chapter in his life... Medical School at Touro University in Vallejo California, near the San Francisco bay area. He leaves tomorrow. I am so happy for him in this new journey but also a little sad that he is leaving Arizona. I just got here and have really enjoyed seeing him on a weekly basis. Eric has been such a great cousin and friend my
whole life. Some of my favorite memories of him are singing MC Hammer songs, playing Fish out of water in my grandparents pool, (I always cheated by looking into the side window), playing cards, and visiting parts of his mission with him many years ago. He is also quite hilarious and brilliant, hence the medical school. I'm excited, I really am, but will miss him so much.

Last night we had a little farewell party at Cafe Rio for him. We always have a good time with lots of laughs when we are all together. We all brought presents to send him on his way.

My grandparent and Uncle Mike got him a toilet bowl cleaner. I'm guessing it was an inside joke because all were laughing and I didn't get it!
Let me explain this next picture of Eric holding a "Token". I sent a text to everyone telling them details of the party and also to bring a small token of your love for Eric for his new adventure. Well, leave it to Mike and Xochi to make a joke of it! They kill me!
We gave Eric the game Operation to help him practice for school!
The boys were very entertaining, as always! They raced each other most of the night!
Uncle Glen, Aunt Suzie, Uncle Mike in the way back, Grandma, Grandpa, Little Mike, Xochi, Eric, Gabby, Hudson, Me, Tim, and baby Lex. Not pictured Kyle, Uncle Brian and Ester.
My Dear Eric,
I am so proud of you and excited for this new journey .
Thank you for being the great man that you are.
You will do great things and I know you will be an amazing Dr.
I will miss you so much.
Remember that if you ever need a break call us up and
we'll meet you in So. Cal.
Good luck
I love you!

Love Shelbs

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


HE DID IT! Tim passed the NAB test!! What does this mean you ask? The NAB is a national test that all future Administrators have to take in order to run a nursing home/rehabilitation facility. Tim had to know even the smallest details like how far off the floor do you have a toilet paper roll? Crazy! So passing this test means he gets his Administrators license and could run his own facility. We are so proud of him! Yesterday was such a long morning for us. Tim started his test at 8:30a.m. and had 3 hours to take it. I kept myself busy by cleaning/organizing the house and skyped Chamberlain and Ash. I had Hudson watch a few more shows then normal to help pass the time. Finally at 11:50 Tim called and delivered the fantastic news. We are thrilled! I told Hudson and he starting screaming out of excitement! Tim said that as he read the word PASS his whole body just relaxed.
Last night I had to run to the store to get a few things for breakfast, as I was leaving Hudson asked "Does Dad get to babysit me while you go to the store?" The best part is when I got home Hudson exclaimed "Mom, dad was a great babysitter for me!" Hudson's views of dad are about to change! No more early morning or staying late after work to study.
We are so proud of you Tim!
Love my boys when they are all together.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


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Lucky Us!

Since the beginning of this year and the last half of last, Tim has been studying for these crazy tests that he has to pass in order to become an Administrator. Seriously! He has already taken his state test and past with flying colors and is now in crunch time for the National test which he will take on Tuesday. As I type this I am super nervous for him. I don't need to either, it's not like if he fails he loses his job, it just means he has to hit the books harder and studies longer, which means we don't get to socialize with him much. And to me that's a big deal, don't get me wrong, I love to look at him(he is so handsome), but I looove to talk with him even more. Lately our conversations are fit in right before he or I fall asleep, usually me. So to past this test would mean I get my husband back, stress free, and the boys get extra wrestling time! Lucky us!

For Father's Day Hudson and I made Tim a book that recorded Hudson saying things he likes to do with his dad. I was worried that Hudson wouldn't say much for it but if you know Hudson, he is a talker! It turned out so cute!
I consider myself a pretty lucky gal to get this guy to marry me! He is fantastic in every way! Sure do love him!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proud to be an American~

A lot has happened since my last post months ago. The biggest thing is we have moved to Peoria, which is on the west side of the Phoenix Valley.(Have I mentioned I hate moving?!) We made lots of trips to Utah, one to work for Dr. Larsen for 2 weeks, a Claybaugh family vacation in St. George, a quick trip to Kanab for Sage's graduation, and last week was spent in Kanab for the 4th. We've also had family come and visit us here several times. In the midst of all that we celebrated our 5th anniversary along with Hudson's 4th birthday! I am happy to say that we will not leave for another month until Cara's wedding in August. Tim and I have decided that we have spent way too much time apart this past year, since moving to AZ, and vow not to do so in the next. I get a headache just thinking of all the things that need to be documented for us.So I will start with the most recent the
4th of July!
The 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the parade, city park fun, food, family, friends, and fireworks. We had to drive home after the festivities in the afternoon yesterday so that Tim could work today, which was a little sad, but we made it home in time to watch an amazing fireworks display.

Every year the last "float" in the parade is the firetrucks with sirens blaring and water spraying, it is always a highlight. I must admit that I never liked it growing up, but Ash and Tanner would follow the trucks down the street coming back soaking wet! It is fun to see Hudson get a little more daring each year!
This little miss is my favorite! She is starting to walk! I love her turquoise bracelet.
The splash pad is a must on this hot day! Although we did have nice cloud cover for most of it.
We found the best spot to watch fireworks outside a baseball stadium near our home.
The boys were in awe! Who isn't?
My favorite part is cuddling with my boys as they watch the fireworks!
Happy 4th of July!