Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dad the Hero... and the Birthday Boy

This is Tim trying out my hand in the blogging world. Today is my dad's birthday and I wanted to do a blog post for him. My dad has always meant so much to me throughout my entire life. I don't have any older brothers, so at a young age I did all the boy stuff with him and I learned that my dad is pretty much the coolest guy on earth. As I have grown and matured, I still believe he's a stud. I've got a couple of pictures that remind me of things that come to mind when I think of my dad. I don't have many pictures of him on my computer, but I've managed to find pictures of things that remind me of him, this first one is him and his two loves in life, my mom and the beach. One of my dad's biggest passions is body surfing, he taught me at a young age how to do it. A quote that I once learned from him was that "body surfing is one of the closest ways you can be with God's creations... it's just you and the wave and your swimsuit... and you don't even need that."One of my fondest memories is playing catch with my dad as a kid. He could throw that ball so high (for my pop fly practice) that I thought he should be in the major leagues. He also coached my little league teams growing up.
My dad also taught me to ride motorcycles. I can't remember how old I was, but he once bought himself and me two old yamaha enduro dirt bikes that got hours of riding and many falls on my part. I remember really bonding and thinking my dad was real cool even as a teenager.

Snorkeling is another great memory with him.

When I was in 6th grade I went to my parents and told them that I wanted to tryout for a soccer team. They both knew nothing about the sport and had no previous experience with soccer and were kind enough to let me go play. My dad is the kind of dad that would research all he could about something I was interested to be able to talk with me about it and coach me. This picture is my little brother, Jonny, playing soccer. My parents were known for never missing a game or meet of ours. When I got into running my dad, again, studied up on that and was one of the best coaches and fans (the only fan) I ever had. I can still picture him sneaking down on the middle of the track field (where only coaches and athletes are aloud to be) with a stopwatch around his neck and in my face chearing me on and telling me how to improve during the race.

Many memories come from the time he was a Mission President in Costa Rica. He was known for getting us out of school all the time to take us to the beach, the jungle, or a volcanoe and he would say that he didn't want school to get in the way of our education.
As I went through school, dad was there for me everystep of the way.

Happy Birthday dad!!! I hope you know and feel how much I love you and appreciate you. We all adore you so much and love being around you. Thanks so much for still being the biggest stud in the world!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance~

Today my ever so handsome, smart, funny, dedicated, and hardworking husband graduated from UVU and I couldn't be more proud! He has worked so hard for this, especially the last few years when Hudson came into our lives and we decided I would stay home so Tim worked full time at RC Willey and had a full schedule at school. Though we hardly saw each other (at least it felt that way) he always made time for Hudson and I. So today was his day and I am so so proud of everything he has done for our family!
Here is our happy grad in front of his department office.Tim decided not to walk but we went to the commencement to see President Monson speak to all the grads. He was perfect as always and gave some sage advice to Tim.This is Tim with Dr. Slack who is one of Tim's favorite professors!More of his favorite teachers who he could tell you the funniest stories about.Judy and Jonn were with us on this special day. Tim couldn't have made it this far without the help of his very supportive parents. They have watched Hudson for us so we could go on dates, helped us pay for different expenses in school, and have been there for Tim in every way. We love them so much!
I can't say it enough how proud I am of Tim and this great accomplishment. I know that it will better our family's future and although we may not know what lies ahead we are so grateful that Tim was able to get his education. Way to go babe!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Wednesday was Tim's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Poor guy spent the whole day driving 8 hours to California, where we celebrated his birthday for the rest of the week. There is so much that I could say about how great Tim is as a father and husband and how he makes my life complete but I will spare him. (Tim is a little shy) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe I LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is my sister Ashleigh's birthday! Happy birthday sis! I am a little sad because usually I am with her on her special day, and we usually go out to eat or shop, but, since she has been living in Kanab we are not able to be together. As I have been thinking about her these last couple of days I thought of the many things I love about her. We have been really close since college and I turn to her for everything. I love her to death and here's why!
28-She is always up for fun
27-Her laugh is contagious!
26-She is a fabulous cook!
25-She can make me laugh harder then anyone!
24-She is ubber talented in the Athletic department, (BYU/UVU Baller)
23-Right or wrong, she'll always give you the facts, (even if it is made up, study show...)
22-She teaches me how to be a good parent
21-She is Artistic-from doodling on paper to painting on a canvas
20-She is very creative-She takes after my mom!
19-She is an excellent crank caller, just ask Karly
18-She has this other personality, Maggie Tombstone, that can make anyone smile!
17-Did I mention she is gorgeous?
16-She gives comfort to anyone, especially when I'm worked up
15-She is thoughtful
14-I love to watch her dance, can you say DDR master?
13-She is always willing to try New Things
12-She can talk to anyone (as long as it's not on the phone)
11-But, she will talk on the phone with me all throughout the day, which makes me feel special!
10-She is considerate
9-She is always Happy
8-She loves her son Chamberlain so much
7-Her height is amazing, and she's proud of it
6-She is Faithful
5-As much as she likes to have fun she is very Responsible
4-She can find the best in everyone
3-She is a great driver, I never get car sick with her
2-She is beautiful inside and out
1-She is my very BEST FRIEND in the world!

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Happy Birthday Ash, I hope it is full of fun. I love you so much and can't imagine what life would be like without you. Have a fabulous day!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FlashBacks of High School

On Thursday of last week I drove down to Millard, with Hudson and a few of Sage's friends form PG, to watch her play some basketball, or baa ball as Hudson calls it. We met my Mom, Ash, and Chamberlain there. When I walked into the gym it brought back many memories of playing on the court. Sage even wears my number 20 jersey, actually it was my dads number back in the day. It was so fun to watch her play. Sage really has enjoyed playing ball and even says she likes the road trips! We loved watching her play and can't wait to see her again.
Here she is with a few team mates sporting #20!
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the the Cowboy gear! Can't go to a game without em!She's open! Way to post up Sage....... Ashleigh taught her well!Time out~ A few action shots~These next 2 pictures of Chamberlain crack me up. He is such a silly, intense, smart, loving, happy, and energetic little boy. He kissed me about 50 times and asked me over and over if I could go to his house with him. He also loves to play with Huddy buddy! We miss living near him.Now this picture really takes me back to high school when I had to be taped before every game. Tim is in a Sport Medicine class that teaches him how to tape up shoulders, wrists, and in this case ankles. He wanted to take a picture of his work and post it! Great job honey!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish~

On Presidents' Day, Tim wanted to go check out the Living Aquarium in Sandy. We both enjoy aquariums, and a few years ago went to the awesome one in Denver with Cami and Brandon. So we knew this one wasn't going to be as extravagant, so our expectations were not that high. When we pulled up to the building, all our preconceived thoughts were confirmed, it was in an old grocery store. "YIKES ,"I thought to myself, but it couldn't be as bad as the cave when my grandpa Garth owned it and had everything behind chicken wire! We went in and much to our surprised it looked well put together. It was divided up into two sections: Utah's own and tropical fish. We really liked the set up and displays, and we would recommend it to anyone with children. Hudson loved looking at all the fish and got a kick out of the touching pool with some kind of fish and sting rays! In my pictures you can see how cute the aquarium is with a sunken ship, a coral reef area for kids to play in, and a boat that they can pretend drive!

Utah Trout! I liked these displays the best because as you can see, they had cool pieces of drift wood above the tank (Growing up in a museum my whole life I appreciate cleaver displays).Hudson would not take his eyes off the fish to smile for us.
Jelly Fish! They had different colored lights that would change the way the fish looked. A really big star fish! This tank also had a nasty octopus in it.
Tim got stung by a sting ray a few years ago so he wouldn't touch the thing but Hudson sure tried! Don't worry moms, they have a hand washing station right near the touch pool.
This is the big fish tank which had about 6 sharks and other really big ugly fish. I thought the sunken ship was so cool. Inside was a table with puzzles and games for kids and, of course, a fish tank.These last 3 pictures are taken by the coral reef area. It was so cute with tunnels that had little fish tanks with Nemo fish inside.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Things We Do For Love!!

So Tim had the bright idea a few weeks ago, when we were pounded with snow, to take Hudson sledding! Mind you we both hate the snow so why would we want to torture ourselves by taking Hudson out into the freezing cold just to make some memories. Well, being the good parents that we try to be, we got him all dressed and headed down to Grandma Juju's to get sledding stuff. By the time we arrived at Juju's, the weather was so bad that we didn't want to drive anywhere else. Good thing Juju has a little hill on the side of her house because it was perfect for our little sledder.
This picture of Hudson and Tim has to be one of my very favorites because I love Hudsons smile and how he looks with his cute little boots on!
Getting ready for take off!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We had quite the busy, fun, family and friend filled month! From weddings, to parties, to Christmas, and to Arizona and back here is a quick review of our fun.
This was going to be the picture on our Christmas card but it was never made so it was never sent! I was a slacker but still wish everyone had a Merry Christmas! (and by looking at everyone's blogs I can tell you did!)
To kick off our Christmas Cheer we went on a double with Tim's bestfriend Doug and his date Emily, who went to school with these 2 crazy boys. We made Gingerbread houses and had a lot of fun making light of our construction jobs!We had Jason and his date Julie judge to see who's house was the best and, of course, we did!
I had to put this picture in of my Young Women and our Ugly Sweater party! I love these girls so much and have so much fun with them.
Tim's best friend since he was born, Nate, fianlly got married, in the snow and all, in the beautiful Salt Lake temple to the very beautiful Katy. We couldn't be more happy for them. Nate and Katy started dating about a month before he left happy valley for medical school in Virginia near his home town. It was such a special day and we are so glad we were able to be a part of it. We love them and miss them much.
I'm still waiting to receive pictures of Christmas morning from my family, so here are a few that Tim took on his camera phone. This year we were with my family in Kanab, we had such a good time hanging out with everyone and eating lots. I will post later about the events of Christmas eve and Christmas when I get more pictures. Grandma and Grandpa Laycook gave Chamberlain and Husdon these cute animal rugs that the boys use to watch their movies on! They love them!Grandma and grandpa Chamberlain gave Hudson a cute Radio Flyer tricycle! He hasn't quiet figured out how to ride it yet but sure loves to sit on it and have us push him around. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
Ahh, now onto my favorite part of our Christmas Vacation... Arizona! We left the day after Christmas and returned the following Tuesday. We enjoyed visiting with family and friends but mostly the weather. It was a chilling 72 degrees the whole time! We got a kick out of all the people dressed up as if they were in the middle of a blizzard! Seriously boots, scarfs, and big puffy coats! Not only do I love to visit AZ because my mom's whole side of the family lives there, but I also served a mission in Mesa. Part of my mission call was to the Visitors Center so we just had to go see the Temple lights. As soon as I stepped in the front doors, the smell of the center brought back a flood of wonderful memories. We forgot to bring our camera so these pictures were also taken with Tim's phone. I think Tim took some great pictures of the Temple. It's so beautiful to me!Another highlight of our trip was visiting with poeple I taught and served on the mission. On Sunday, Sage, Tim, and I went to church at my favorite ward and area, the Lehi 2nd ward. We also visited with my favorite family, Monica and Seth Hall. Monica and Seth have the cutest boys ever, Billie, Dominic, Jared, and little baby Aiden who is the size of Hudson! Ok not really but close. I have loved this family since the first day I met them. I wish I lived closer so we could see each other more!