Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Minute

Remember my post a few weeks ago about how we are moving to Tucson? Well, on Friday while the boys and I were visiting Tim at work, he got a call from his boss asking him to be at the Chandler office in a hour to meet with him. Tim thought it was just a visit to make sure everything was in place for him to start work on Monday in Tucson. The boys and I went along for the ride. To our surprise his boss said there was a change in plans and he will now be the Executive Administrator of the South Mountain facility! What?!
Tim was so shocked that he did not say much for an hour or so. We couldn't believe that they changed plans last minute. Non the less, we are happy to not move. We are happy to stay in our ward, and Hudson can now start preschool.
Tim starts today at South Mountain. Good luck babe!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Children's Museum

Last Wednesday Tim had the day off and we wanted to do something fun but just didn't know what until a friend of mine text and said she had a pass to the Children's Museum of Phoenix that expired that day. Perfect timing! We have been wanting to go for a while now but just never made the time for it. Hudson was thrilled, although I didn't think he knew what it was. Lex loves to do anything and everything Hudson does lately so this catered to his needs quiet well.
Behind Lex is a racetrack. Need I say more?

I love when they play together
The Market was my favorite place. Although it was packed with kids, we were able to score a cart for Lex. I showed him once how to place the cans into his cart and he didn't need much help after that. Hudson was busy on the receiving end of the store. He loved stocking the food and getting it off the truck.
Lex pushed his cart up to the checkout and started to hand these girls his stuff all on his own. He is a very observant kid and it shows.
This picture is for my parents. Sandstone painting, perfect for the cave don't yah think?
I think this picture is so cute of Hudson holding onto Lex. The boys were not huge fans of this play place. They got a little scared on it.
This moose is awesome! Made out of sweaters and cardboard. In this room the boys played with puzzles and playdough.
These air tunnels were very entertaining! Hudson could have stayed here all day!
Car Wash!
We had such a nice afternoon playing and discovering. Monkey see, monkey do!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Didn't See It Coming~

We are moving to Tucson!! Didn't see that in our plans. Tim had been awaiting a new assignment to be an Executive Director of his own building for a few months now and we knew that there were building openings in Mesa (where I was hoping to go), Scottsdale, (where Tim was wanting) and South Mountain, (3rd choice) Well, when Tim had his interview with the Stake President, not really but for my mother-in-law and I to understand all of Tim's bosses we use church terms. Anyway when he had this interview we felt that we'd go to one of the mentioned locations. We had a few days of playing with the idea of moving closer to family and got all sorts of excited. Well the official offer came on a Thursday, we were shocked to hear Tucson! Not in a bad way but just didn't see that coming. Also we would need to be there by September 12! Yikes!

We got right to work looking for housing. Now the last time I had been to Tucson was in High School when BYU made it to the Copper bowl and Tim had never been. So where to live was going to be a challenge. We decided to go visit Tucson and look for housing on Saturday. I had been looking on Craigslist and other sites since Thursday afternoon for houses. It was frustrating! But I know that when you ask the Lord to place you where you would be most effective He will lay out a smooth path for you. Friday night as we put the boys to bed we prayed for help. I pulled up Craigslist and found a new entry, Googled it, mapped it to Tim's work, and called for an appointment to view it on Saturday. I also put the address in the church website to find the ward to call the bishop to see what the area was like. You know how these Arizona towns are in the winter? Lots of Snow birds! I wanted a good ward for the boys to have friends.

So.... it is perfect! I called the Bishop while we were down there and he said all the right words. Over 100 kids in Primary, 80 youth, and the best part for Tim.... he has a son and a daughter on a mission in Chile, one actually in Santiago East! Our new home is 2 miles from Tim's work, Gold's gym (my new bff) , and my favorite farmers market Sprouts. Perfect! We are renting still since we don't know where we'll be in a year, but non the less, we are excited for this new adventure!

What is a post without pictures? So here is a little somethin for our Grandparents!!
Bath time is lots of fun at our house, usually filled with toys, but in this case
smoothies and smiles!
I could eat them up!