Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lex is GIGANTIC! At his 2 week check-up he weighed 10lbs 2oz and was 22in long. He has already outgrown some of his 0-3 month clothing (Hudson was always on the mark). We feel like he's not even a newborn anymore.

Hudson has been quite entertaining lately, he put together this "gold medal" with bungie cords on his own as well as his cowboy getup.

Friday, March 5, 2010


As many of you know on February 27th a major earthquake hit Concepcion Chile. What many of you might not know is that my wonderful husband Tim served in Santiago Chile where the quake was also felt. Like all missionaries, Tim fell in love with the country and wonderful people he served. Ever since we found out about the quake my poor husband has been deeply concerned and has been in frequent contact with a family he taught and baptized there. The Diaz Cortez family lives in Santiago and are doing fine, but their extended family lives in the heart of Concepcion and has been without necessities for many days. Tim has felt the need to help their family and since money doesn't grow on trees we are limited to what we can do. So Tim has set up a blog to ask for help, click here and it will take you to his page where you can learn about the family, the devastation they are facing, and how you can help.
Before I left the mission field President Watson told me that Arizona would no longer be a place where I would vacation to see family, or where there is great shopping! Mesa, Arizona would now be a sacred, holy place. I am sure this is how you feel about where you served or how your husbands feel about where they served. This is why we are trying to help these wonderful people of Chile. Please take a chance to look at his page and help.
This is the Diaz family on their baptism day!