Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011~

It was a Claybaugh Christmas this year and we were so excited to get out of the heat and feel the cold again...... wait, usually that is said the other way around! We have definitely acclimated to Arizona weather. It was going to be a short and sweet trip since Tim only had a few days off so we headed for Kanab (midway) right after work on Thursday. Which worked out perfectly for us to see Ashleigh's family, who were on their way to California, to exchange gifts with them. So Thursday at 9:30p.m. we had our first taste of Christmas presents. Friday morning we arose ever so early to finish the rest of the drive to Orem, where we would freshen up and head straight to the Hale Center Theater for A Christmas Carol. This was Hudson's first time attending. He loved it! Then after the show we quickly made bean burro's and met the rest of the Claybaugh clan at Grandma and Grandpa Claybaugh's for dinner. So glad we could squeeze them in! That evening found us at the mall exchanging last minute gifts without the children, where we ran into friends and chatted longer then planned.
Saturday morning Tim and I met Kim at her lovely gym to work out real quick, then it was off to the mall and other errands before the Christmas Eve dinner and program held at the Hansen's home. Dinner was delightful and the entertainment was fantastic! On our drive back to the Claybaugh's, Tim and I felt a rush to go visit our dear friends the Bishops and Beardalls. When we got back to the house we opened our traditional Christmas Eve pjs and put the boys to bed! Santa had to finish up wrapping and stuffing stockings! Then finally we settled down for a movie. (insert breath here)
Christmas morning was wonderful! I wish Christmas day was always on a Sunday. We got up, let the boys open their stockings and then got dressed for church. Sacrament meeting was beautiful, spiritual, and just lovely. I didn't want the program to end. The messages were so insightful and brought you to the true meaning of Christmas. Once we arrived back home the boys quickly changed, and opening presents commenced. Let's just say Hudson and Lex were spoiled! We ended the day with dinner at the church where the children could try out all their new toys and we could visit with family. My parents spent the holiday up North and joined us for dinner. We loved it!
Monday Tim had to leave for home :( Seriously it was so sad for him to leave. Our time was so short with everyone but it was still worth the drive. The weekend was packed full of family and fun. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents who make the holidays so special. We miss everyone terribly and looking through these pictures we want to relive it. Here is our weekend in review

Lex went around to everyone saying "hands up" while shooting his new gun from Grandma Kanab!
Hudson and his date, Juju, for Scrooge!
I only have a few pictures of the many talents that were shared on Christmas eve. I'm still waiting for the whole thing to to come out on video....
This little lady is the sweetest thing. She sang the cutest songs for us. I could eat her up!
Indian love song on the wii. The best Just Dance song ever!
For our family skit we had papa play a few songs on the guitar while we dressed up as Arizonans. Complete with stashes for Feliz Navidad!

Hansen boys.... hmmm bop!
Sisters, Sisters.... These lovely ladies lip synced an ol' classic. I could not get over the get up. Seriously who owns those types of dresses anymore?
We made the mistake of having Hudson open up a book for one of his first presents. He immediately had papa start reading to him. When asked to open up another present Hudson responded with "No thanks" Seriously a book over toys? Where does this kid come from?
I love baby Gavin in this picture!
An original Nintendo, need I say more?
We saved the rest of the books from Santa for last! Also Hudson is the type to put on everything he gets, hence the Dino shoes and batman t-shirt!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Weeks Before Christmas~

The month of December flew by so fast as it always does. Why is that? We had a party every weekend starting with my Uncle's Christmas concert with EVMCO. AMAZING! and such a great way to bring in the Christmas spirit. Second weekend- my friend Amanda and I were in charge of the ward Christmas party, Classic Christmas, where we had breakfast with Santa and his elf. We had a flash mob, family/solo performances, and a live Nativity put on by the primary. It was a busy morning. Third- Tim's work party and Stake Christmas program. We also squeezed in time for our good friends the Sharpe's, whom we met in Chandler. I still forget my camera a lot so these few pictures sum it up for us.

SANTA! I know him!! Hudson was more than ready to sit on his lap to tell him exactly what he wanted...... Lex, not so much!
There was a petting zoo outside the church before you entered for the Stake Christmas program. The chicks, turtles, bunnies, Mini Horse, and a donkey had the boys captivated.
Lex, Aiden, and Hudson at the Mesa Temple Christmas lights

Tide Pools~

California is always an adventure when Papa and Juju are with us. Papa will look on line to see when low tide is so the children can go explore the tide pools. This particular outing by far was the most creature-filled. There was a guide out on the beachy rocks (Sandy, fitting right?) who showed us where all the good creatures where hiding. We saw purple, red, and orange starfish, sea urchins, hermit crabs, sea anemones, crabs, fish, and an octopus. We spent as much time out on the pools as we could. The air was so clear we could see Catalina Island. This happened to be on Thanksgiving day and what better way to spend it then with family at this beautiful setting.

Fight on SC~

Thanksgiving found us in Southern California with Tim's parents, Bailey, Clay, Cara and Andrew at Grandma and Grandpa Garlocks. The weather was beautiful and the company even more so. We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with just those mentioned. We went shopping, did puzzles, hit the beach a few times, walked through downtown Disney, and the best part of all, attended my first USC football game. HOLLA! The Garlocks are serious about their SC football! Their home is decorated in Trojan clocks, statues, signs, blankets, and more. They hang a flag out for every game. Grandpa Garlock taught at USC for many years and have been a season ticket holder for even longer. My mother-in-law Judy has memories of going to the football games when she was a small child. Sitting next to her was such a treat. She informed me about the history of their many, many traditions. I could feel her love and appreciation for the team (even though she is a true blue Cougar fan). She could even chant parts of the school song. My favorite part was at every touch down the Trojan would ride around the sidelines on his white stallion horse holding his sword high! We got to see the horse a lot because the score was 50-0. Did I mention this was a rival game against the dreaded and ugly UCLA? Now, I have been to plenty of rival games between BYU and the Utes but I have never witnessed so much intensity from the fans in my life. The whole campus becomes a party place. People start the pregame tail gating well before noon when the game is at 7. Pure craziness is the only way I can describe it. We thought we were dressed up for the game with cardinal and gold shirts, but we were no match for the rest of the fans with their SC necklaces, earrings, flags, tattoos, hats, scarfs, face paint, or boots. Tim's favorite was a guy with a T-shirt on that read "My maid went to UCLA." Enough said.

If you are a true USC fan you would know that I am not flashing a peace sign.

Star Dragons~

Hudson's last tee-ball game was played at the Peoria Sports Complex where the Padres and Mariners have spring training. Games were being played all over the field. His name was even on the jumbo screen! Over all, we decided that tee-ball is not the best sport for Hudson at this time. He needs something a little more fast paced to keep his interest. I posted before about how entertaining Hudson is during the games. So we came up with a few rules specifically for Hudson:

1. Do not touch your coach 2. Do not spank your coach 3. Do not play in the dirt 4. Do not hit the ball backwards off the tee 5. Pay attention to the game

Every once in a while he needed a reminder but overall he did so good and had fun.

Bowling for Hudson~

A while back my cousin Kyle suggested we go bowling. Bowling is one of those things where I go"Oh yeah, bowling! How could I forget?!" When I lived here as a child it seems we went bowling all the time, ok maybe not all the time, but for birthday parties at least. My Uncle Mike is a pro bowler with his own ball, shoes, and a ring for getting a score of 300. Little Mike (aka Junior) worked at a bowling alley for years. Every time we'd come down to visit Ash, Eric, and I would spend our evenings at his alley "DISCO BOWLING." Fun times! I couldn't believe we have never taken Hudson, especially after living here with the pro bowlers. So we rallied up the family and met in Gilbert for the big event. We had such a blast. Hudson and Lex were entertainment for all. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson even came to watch the kids. I also can't believe I only took pictures of the boys. I want to remember that Uncle Mike, Lil Mike, Xochi, Kyle, Ashley, Suzie, and Glen all bowled with us. Also Ashley was our pro for the night!

Hudson's first bowl!