Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summers end :(

I can't believe that summer is over for us. We have had such a fun summer with family and friends, so it makes me really sad to see it end and not to mention get cold again. Tim starts school tomorrow! Might I add this will be his last year at UVU! It's back to books, tests, and single parenting! (sometimes it feels that way) I realize that I am not the best at posting current activities in our lives, so I will be looking back at some of the highlights of the summer.
To start the summer off our baby boy, Hudson, turned 1!! I still can't believe how fast this last year went. We measured him so we can chart his growth with all the other grandkids.
We were able to go to Kanab for the 4th of July. I haven't been home for it since before my mission so I was reallly excited! We also had my moms whole family come up from Arizona to visit. So you can just imagine all the fun we had with a full house!
My Grandparents were so happy that most of their children and grandchildren were all here together. They had the sweetest smiles on their faces the whole weekend.
Tim's work gave us free tickets to the zoo. We invited his sister Kim and her kids, our cute neighbor kids Rachel and Parker, and of course, grandma Juju and Jonny. It was a lot of fun and the animals were so funny.
And last but not least we went to Bear Lake for the Claybaugh Family vacation! We only took a few pictures of Hudson so I will post more pictures later.