Sunday, March 4, 2012

lovely, love my family~

Was Valentine"s Day really 3 weeks ago and now it's March? Seriously time needs to slow down. I am not a fan of the ipod things people have on their blogs. I usually mute them. But today I wish I had one just for this post. My favorite song from Yo Gabba Gabba is, Lovely love my Family, sung by the Roots, It is such a cute song which I would like you to hear as you read along. So you'll just have to look it up!
We had a fun Valentine's with a start of a new tradition for dinner. The boys and I woke up that morning to find a treasure hunt set up all throughout the house. Cute Husband, I know!! Once the boys found their little gifts of red shirts, angry bird tattoos, and sweets Tim had a few more clues for me, which led me to the front door all decked out in hearts! So thoughtful, I know! My treasure was a pair of inlay turquoise seashell earrings. How did he know? (thanks mom and dad). Hudson had a Valentine's party and preschool and gave a cute treat to his speech therapist. We finished the day making heart shaped pizza's for dinner (our new tradition) and pizookies for dessert. I couldn't think of a better way to spend this love day then with my 2 little boys and my Valentine!

Pictured below are The door, the boys making the pizza in their aprons, the finished product, OH and Tim also got me lovely roses! Love him/them!!

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