Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fantastic five~

Hudson turned 5 on Monday. I can't believe it! He has grown so much this year. I asked him several times if we could skip his birthday because I do NOT want him to get older.  I wish I could freeze time and keep him the way he is forever.  Hudson graduated from Preschool end of May and is ready for kindergarten. He was is speech therapy for the school year and has improved greatly. If he didn't speak in dinosaur terms you would be able to understand him much better! 
This boy is obsessed with dinosaurs. He is often found with his arms tucked back with two fingers out acting like a T-Rex. If he gets frustrated with Lex he will roar at him like a fierce predator, (Meat eaters are his favorite). Hudson has learned the ABC's in Dino terms! A- Apatasaurus, B- Brachiosaurs, C-Corythosaurus all the way to do Z- which I can't even spell or say. He taught himself this from the show Dinosaur Train. While I put Lex down for a nap he will get on to learn the alphabet.
So for his birthday you can only guess what he got as presents. Dino piggy bank, 3 books The Ultimate Dino-Pedia by National Geographic Kids, a Kid's Almanac, and Digging for Dino's, a Dino floor puzzle, a Dino Dan DVD, and a raptor t-shirt. He also got a few action figures like Spiderman and Ironman, which he has played with, but when you see the pictures you'll see the difference in excitement. He fills our life with laughter, learning, and pure happiness! He is so smart, friendly, helpful, energetic, curious, and silly.
I could eat him up! We love our Huddy buddy
enjoy a picture overload of this silly boy

Who knew Dino Dan could cause such excitement?  

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